When I decided to get a tattoo, I decided to "go big or go home." After searching multiple artists, I trusted my first tattoo which is also my entire chest to Joel. His portfolio had a variety of designs, that showed off his line work, shading, and coloring. Most of his completed work was not the same category of art for what I had wanted, but as I described my design he was able to interpret and apply exactly what I was looking for. As I am a talker, he was able to hold a conversation with me the entire time for each session over the course of a couple months of work, and it definitely made the experience more enjoyable. I am sad that he left Minnesota, but glad he is opening his own shop. I am already planning a visit to get more done.

​- Daniel M.

Joel is an incredible artist. His work is exceptional and his passion is even more incredible. He is the only person I will let tattoo me anymore. He fixed all of my bad tattoos and has given me one of a kind pieces that I love. He's clean and friendly too! I can't wait to get more work done!

​- Logan S.

I went to Joel for my sleeve a few years ago and I must say it doesn't appear a week old! His colors pop and his attention to detail is amazing. I feel like Joel could tattoo pretty much anything, given the time to do so. He was easy to get along with and was open to working with my ideas, adding his own style into the mix as well (which was stellar). In my personal opinion, Fantasy and mythological is what he does best, but as stated before, I'm sure he could tat just about anything. Thanks for the great work, Joel!

- Jon R.


               This cover up was pretty difficult, the left shows what i started with. The original tribal was extremely scarred up and the first attempt at a cover up i believe got infected as well. 

               Despite all of the issues i was able to layer and kill more or less all of the tribal. This doesn't work on every ones skin and in every situation but I personally believe that its a very good example of what is potentially possible. 

               The image on the right is the last session I did on it. The Hands where added to finish off the cover up. The entire top part of the tattoo, the skull etc is all healed for 9+ months. I had a really hard time getting good pictures of this one, it's actually quite a bit more vibrant in person, and the glare was impossible to get rid of. 

               If i could take another pass at this one i would clean up the background and add more texture to it. I thinks its a little bit too flat for me now. I could definitely add a lot to it if i was able to go over it again. 

               This was a pretty quick one relatively. I really had a lot of fun experimenting with some new water color looking techniques. This image is about 6 months healed if i remember correctly. If she comes back through town i'd really like to get my detail session in. Its about 1 from finished.  

Joel is a talented artist with an eye for detail! He has tattooed me multiple times, in Minnesota. Each time was a great experience and left me excited to come back for more work! I recommended him to my friends and family looking for an artist as well.

Camille R.


Joel did my cat tattoo on my leg and it turned out amazing.  My friend originally drew it but didn't add some parts to the body. I showed him and he fixed it right up and made the skull anatomically correct. Probably my favorite tattoo artist. If I'm ever in Colorado I'll probably have to stop by for another one. Wish I'd gotten more from him before he left Minnesota.

Madalyn H.

I have an entire sleeve done by Joel and he is, by far, one of the most talented artists I have ever met. With his specialization in large, colorful, and intricate pieces, he is in a field of his own. I would recommend him to anyone looking for their first piece of 100th piece, big or small. Hands down a fantastic artist and great guy.

- Paul H.

Joel Vugteveen

 Truly I am obsessed with the perfection of what I do. I've spent years researching how the tattooing medium actually works, during that time I've had a number of breakthroughs. Currently I am continuing my research and advancing it. 


               This piece was fun, it was originally another sleeve of gambling themed stuff. Poker chips, slot machines the works. There is a Russian roulette table in there somewhere. 

               So far the process on something this drastic has taken about 4 years. In the early sessions it was more conceptual than anything, I'm extremely happy with the results. Our next session is about 2 years out from this photo. I need the pigment to age before I can do any really effect to it. At this point the pigment density is so high that most of anything I do wont have space to physically exist in the skin. 

               ​This is what my current black and grey typically looks like. I got sick of the normal approach so I've been doing research on refining and advancing the standard practices. In February ill be able to get clear healed shots of this one.