Under The Bridge Tattoo Studio

Rob Carter

Under the Bridge is a Tattoo Studio located in midtown Fort Collins, Co.

Our studio features artists from a variety of places dedicated to the continual pursuit of the mastery in our Art. We strive to create large-scaled, detailed, stylistically driven art.

We are united by one concept:

Art Speaks for Itself

2020 S College Ave 

Fort Collins, CO             


Open Tues - Sat Noon to 8 pm, 

Or by appointment

Our Artists

Formed in 2012, Astral Workshop is a multi-faceted entity developed to encapsulate my tattoo, illustrative and conceptual creations. The realm of tattooing is my primary focus and I’ve been pursuing it as a professional tattoo artist for the last 14 years. Aside from this, I also enjoy painting, creating music, story-telling / world-building, as well as constructing, reworking or refurbishing electronics and mechanical devices.

Artistically, I would identify myself as a dark surrealist, with heavy emphasis in geometric and occult flavorings. I’m very comfortable working in monochromatic applications, but also enjoy the possibilities that color pieces have to offer. Ad astra…

-Rob Carter

The Astral Workshop

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